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 Home Oasis Pools & Hot Tubs does not do weekly valet maintenance on ponds or items other than pools and Hot Tubs

 It is the customer's responsibility to maintain the water level in the pool.

 The customer is responsible for checking the water, equipment, etc. On days Home Oasis Pools & Hot Tubs is not there.

 If Home Oasis Pools & Hot Tubs is unable to gain access to my pool/hot tub on the day of service; service will not be made up.

 Chlorine demands and algae outbreaks can happen and are not the responsibility of Home Oasis Pools & Hot Tubs.

 Weekly valet pool maintenance will start on your pool as soon as Home Oasis Pools & Hot Tubs can start after pool is open.

 It is the customer's responsibility to keep the cover free of water and debris. Additional fees may apply for Home Oasis Pools & Hot Tubs to remove.

 It is the customer's responsibility to keep Home Oasis Pools & Hot Tubs staff's work environment free of hazards (i.e. Pets, bees, snakes, bats, shrubs, slippery sidewalks, etc.

 It is the customer's responsibility to follow all recommendations on the service note provided by our staff at the completion of service.

 It is the recommendation of Home Oasis Pools & Hot Tubs that the customer run the pool pump to filter 24 hours per day.

 In the event the customer's service falls on a holiday or we are unable to complete service on a pre-scheduled date service will be provided on another day.

 In the event of inclement weather on customer's service day, the pool/hot tub will be cleaned to the extent weather permits and chemicals will be added to the best of abilities. Customer will be notified if the weather is severe enough that service needs to be rescheduled.

 In the event the pool/hot tub is in use when we arrive we will only test the water and leave directions for the customer to add chemicals.

 Additional service visits or service time outside of your scheduled service may be needed and will be billed extra.

 The weekly valet maintenance tech is only responsible for performing chemical balances & cleanings. If there is repair work to be done on your pool/hot tub, a repair service tech will need to be scheduled and customer will be billed for this service.

 Chemicals needed to service the pool/hot tub will automatically be replenished and charged to the customer. For the safety of our techs we will only use chemicals provided by Home Oasis Pools & Hot Tubs.

 If chemicals are not readily available at service location, tech will use chemicals on truck and charge to the customer.

 Cartridge filters will be cleaned as needed and as determined by the weekly service tech. There is an additional charge per cleaning for this service. This generally needs to be done every 2-8 weeks.

 Covers will only be cleaned upon the customer's request. There is an additional charge for this service and we may not be able to complete the service on your normally scheduled service date.

 Out of town pools will be charged at a higher rate. Call for more details on available routes and specific rates in your area.


What do you want the weekly valet maintenance tech to know about you or your pool. Please indicate any gate codes or key locations in this area.

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